Tourist Visa

What Is a Tourist Visa?

Tourist visas are papers you get to go to other countries just for fun. If, for instance, you’re from India and want to go to the US for a holiday, you have to ask for a tourist visa. Every country has rules about who can get these visas, and you can ask their embassies or consulates for help to get one for your short visit.

Tourist Visa Guidelines

When you’re in another country with a tourist visa, remember these rules:

  • You can’t work.
  • You can’t do business.
  • You can’t study.
  • You can’t become a permanent resident.

Most Popular Tourist Visas

Here is a list of some of the most popular tourist visas:

Schengen Visa

United States Visa

Australia visa

Canada visa

Japan visa

Taiwan Visa

Thailand Visa

United Kingdom visa

Vietnam visa

Chile Visa

Costa Rica Visa

Indonesia visa

Israel visa

Mexico visa

Most popular Schengen Visas

Europe is responsible for being home to some of the most attractive destinations in the world. However, many travellers may need to apply for a Schengen visa to visit European countries. Some of the most sought after tourist visas for Europe include: